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NJ Health Online is maintained by Internet Practice Solutions, as a service to both consumers and professionals. Internet Practice Solutions specializes in providing Internet consulting services to practice professionals and professional associations.

These services include:

  • Website Design
  • Website Hosting Services
  • Domain Registration
  • Website Maintenance
  • Online Publishing 
  • Professional Directories

We are an Internet consulting company with technical web development skills, and a knowledge and understanding of professional practices. Many professionals recognize the value of developing a website for their practice, but are discouraged by both the high prices and the variable quality of many web developers. Internet Practice Solutions assists professionals with all aspects of web development, and also provides additional sevices to help you market your practice online. NJ Health Online is designed to help consumers locate professionals in their community, and to help healthcare professionals communicate information to consumers.

We believe our concept is unique, but not untested.  We began by developing Psychology Information Online (www.psychologyinfo.com) which provides information about psychological problems and psychological treatment, and we also developed a National Directory of Psychologists.  Psychology Information Online has been awarded a Four Star Rating by Mental Health Net, and has also been selected as a Readers Choice Site in public opinion polls. But what is perhaps more important, is that Psychology Information Online has emerged as a primary Internet resource for psychological information, with high rankings by many search engines, and many visitors. 

Our goal is to develop NJ Health Online using the same high standards, quality content, and usability that has made Psychology Information Online successful. Whenever possible, we hope to learn from our past experience to make NJ Health Online even more useful to both consumers and professionals.

We invite all professionals to visit the Internet Practice Solutions website, for information about our services, or you may contact IPS at (908) 806-3877 to speak to us directly. You may also contact us to list your practice in one of our online Professional Directories. There is currently no charge for listing your practice information online. Contact Donald Franklin at (908) 806-3877 for more information about the Professional Directories.

We want to be your link to the Internet!

NJ Health Online is a service of Internet Practice Solutions
We provide technology services for Healthcare professionals

Contact Donald Franklin at (908) 806-3877 for information about:
Website Design, Domain Registration, Hosting Services, Website Maintenance
Online Publishing and Professional Directory Listings
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