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Welcome to New Jersey Health Online

NJ-Health.com is your one-stop website for information about healthcare in New Jersey.  We assist consumers in locating information about healthcare, and healthcare professionals, in New Jersey.  NJ-Health.com has developed a set of online Professional Healthcare Directories. These Professional Directories list NJ healthcare professionals by specialty.  The individual listings all include contact information, and basic practice information. Some listings include more detailed information about the professional practice, and some listings even have a link to their practice website.

We are an information service, not a referral service, and we do not individually endorse, or recommend, any of the practitioners listed within our Professional Directories. Please read our Disclaimer before using any of the Directories on this website.  

NJ-Health.com also provides Health Information articles, either written by local professionals, or republished from other reputable sources. These articles focus on health problems, treatment options, and wellness information.  The articles are organized according to Topic and also by Healthcare Specialty. Follow the Health Info button on the navigation bar for more information.

The NJ-Health.com Professional Directories are also easy to use. Simply select a profession on the Navigation bar to the left side of the page. We provide basic information about each healthcare specialty, a Professional Directory for each specialty, and access our collection of healthcare articles for that specialty.

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